Metal Spinners

Metal Spinners 2012 Limited is an industry specialising in the production of stainless steel metal componentry for a wide variety of industries using both spinning and pressing methods. Working
in aluminium, mild steel, stainless steel, galvanized iron, copper, brass and other metals, we are able to supply all componentry in a number of finishes.

Our company has over 60 year’s experience supplying local and export markets with precision metal componentry. We will provide your industry with the most cost effective methods suited to your needs.

From design advice, to in-house engineering for tooling requirements, to the final product powder coated if you require,  Metal Spinners 2012 Limited provides a unique service. Discover how Metal Spinners Limited can help in your manufacturing field.

To ensure immediate service all enquiries should include a drawing of the component, type and gauge of material to be used and all other necessary details, i.e. quantity, delivery, finish, etc.

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